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[CS] Vzduchový kondenzátor [DE] Luftkondensator [FR] Aérocondensateur [PL] Skraplacz powietrza [RU] Конденсатор воздушный

Original time-tested MONTS design Made in the Czech Republic from high quality European materials Traditional manufacturer with over 24 years of experience in the industry

  • HOURLY OUTPUT 500 - 10 000 kg of condensate
  • Robust design and long service life
  • Extreme conditions resistance
  • Low operating costs

MONTS FlexiDesign
We have our own design and engineering department and a modern production plant. We can offer perfect customization of the machinery according to the customer's requirements.

RENDERING | processing animal by-products

Air condenser is part of the rendering process: CONDENSATION
Detailed information can be found in the product documents