Membership of international organisations

We are a member of the Czech International Chamber of Commerce (Czech ICC).  The ICC was established in 1919 with a seat in Paris.  This institution now represents thousands of companies and associations from more than 120 countries, the G20 and others.  Businesses can present their interests, points of view and opinions through their respective national ICC branches to the representatives of the top bodies, institutions and governments in all countries, including UN, EU, WTO, OECD, where the ICC enjoys top-level status.  The ICC has unquestioned authority to create the rules governing international business.  Even though these rules are self-imposed (they are not real acts of law) they are commonly used and have become an inseparable linchpin of international business.


We are a member of EFPRA (the European Fat Processors and Renderers Association) and annually attend conferences organised by this institution.  It is at these conferences that the European Commission tables the negotiated EU regulations, which are then discussed.  So, our clients in the animal waste processing industry have an outlet for their views, and we can respond to required changes more quickly.


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